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Hi! My name is Victor and I love musicals since I first saw a Spanish adaptation of The Pirates of Penzance when I was 12.

For years I've been tempted to try and create one but there have been other priorities in my life like becoming an animator which is my day job, family and other responsibilities. But now, after some years toying with the idea, I took the initiative and joined MMD so I can finally find a librettist and lyricist. I'm sure this type of collaboration will pump my creativity and will fill the whole I have when writing lyrics as English is not my first language. If you're looking for a musician to collaborate with you, I'm your man.

Below there's a playlist where you can listen to some of my musical creations. Some of them I'm happy with some of them I'm not as much but hopefully they show more or less what I'm capable of and the style and influences my music follows. Please note I'm not by any means an orchestrator, a producer or a sound engineer and I think the songs below reflect that. Also the singers I got to sign them for me are mostly semi-professionals. Due to these factors I'm aware that these pieces lack some finesse and proper finishing and are basically scratch tracks of the scores. I'm showing them to illustrate my style and my capabilities as a composer and basic arranger but in any case I hope you enjoy them.

If you are a writer and you are looking for a musician to collaborate with please get in touch. I've got a couple of semi-developed stories and a lot of ideas but I'm happy to start from scratch to see where our collaboration takes us, whatever suits us better.

So yeah! If you want to have a chat to see if we can collaborate on something or merely exchange impressions please drop me an email.

Also, if you want to take a look at the scores for any of these songs do not hesitate in contacting me.

Thanks for reading and listening. All the best!


Alone Singer - Natasha
Drum arrangement created by Roberto Cappa
Corriendo van por la vega Singer - Fahiabuche
String arrangement created by Guillermoantiphona
Rime of the Ancient Mariner Singer Derek Bradley Thalken

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